"A parent can bring a child into this world, but a child can bring a parent into the world to come."

The Talmud

At the end of one's life it may seem that the soul's journey has come to an end; it can rise no higher in its quest for elevation. However, our parents live on through us. The Kaddish, a unique prayer deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, has the power to bring the soul of our parents into their proper resting place after they have left this world.

For eleven months after the passing of a parent and every year on the Yartzheit, the privilege of saying the Kaddish belongs primarily to the sons/children of the departed. Sometimes, there may be no children or they are unable to make the daily commitment of saying the Kaddish in the synagogue. Based on the premise that the Jewish people are one people with one soul, one may appoint someone else to recite the Kaddish on his/her behalf.

This explains our role. The Australian Kaddish Service is dedicated to ensuring that every Jew in Australia has the opportunity to have Kaddish said on their behalf. We make arrangements with local Orthodox Rabbis to say the Kaddish, ensuring this sacred rite is observed following the ancient tradition.

The Kaddish prayer is perhaps the one last gift we can give our parents after their passing.

Consider hiring someone from the Kaddish service to recite the Kaddish for your loved one.

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